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Links Software Pemetaan Gua

Posted by Ardy Prasetyo on March 28, 2008

Software-software Pemetaan Gua:

Nama System/OS Pembuat, Negara Harga
SURVEX v0.90 PC (DOS) / RISCOS / UNIX / any Olly Betts, UK Free
Tunnel v2 Any (Java) Julian Todd, UK Free
!SURVEY RISCOS Juan Corrin, UK £15
CML PC (DOS) / UNIX / any Mel Park, USA Free
Vectors Macintosh Mel Park, USA Free
CavePlot 3.30 Macintosh Dave Herron, USA $40 (shareware)
Toporobot v8.5.2 Macintosh Martin Heller, Switzerland Free
CaveSurveyStandard UNIX John Rowlan, USA Free
CAPS v7.6 PC (DOS) Hubert Crowell, USA $35 (sharewarish)
CAVEMAP PC (DOS) John Beck, UK £12
CMAP v16.1 PC (DOS) Bob Thrun, USA Free
COMPASS v9909 PC (DOS) Larry Fish, USA $25 (shareware)
EXCEL 97 PC (Windows) Robin Griffiths, UK £5 donation
KARST256 PC (DOS) Gary Petrie, USA Free
SMAPS v5.2 PC (DOS) Doug Dotson, USA $99 to cavers
SMAPS Lite PC (DOS) Doug Dotson, USA $15 (shareware)
SURV93 PC (DOS) Martin Laverty, UK Free
SURVEY v2.3 PC (DOS) Steve Neads, UK £15
CaveView v4.0 PC (Windows) John Fogarty, USA Free
OnStation v3.1 PC (Windows32) Taco Van Ieperen, Canada Free
Pitter/Plotter v1.2 PC (Windows) Bill McIntosh, USA $25 (shareware)
Speleo Graphics PC (Windows) Steffen Pohlenz, Germany DM120 (shareware)
WINCOMPASS v9909 PC (Windows) Larry Fish, USA $25 ($38 for both Compass and Wincompass)
WINKARST v8 PC (Windows) Gary Petrie, USA Free
WinCAPS 4.6.6 PC (Windows) Hubert Crowell, USA $40

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